Childhood, Youth and Violence in Global Contexts: Research and Practice in Dialogue
Human Resource Strategy: Formulation, Implementation, and Impact
Construction of Chinese Nationalism in the Early 21st Century: Domestic Sources and International Implications
Privacy and Security in the Digital Age
Justice and Home Affairs Agencies in the European Union
The Bloomsbury Companion to M. A. K. Halliday
Europe, Discourse, and Institutions: Challenging the Mainstream in European Studies
Path Dependence and New Path Creation in Renewable Energy Technologies
Human Rights and Citizenship Education
Global Democracy and the World Social Forums
Political Science in South Africa: The Last Forty Years
Economic and Policy Developments in East Asia
The Global Politics of Impairment and Disability: Processes and Embodiments
Religious Responses to HIV and AIDS
Father Time: The Social Clock and the Timing of Fatherhood
The Global Gym: Gender, Health and Pedagogies
Political Culture, Soft Interventions and Nation Building
Banks, Bankers, and Bankruptcies Under Crisis: Understanding Failure and Mergers During the Great Recession
New and Alternative Social Movements in Spain: The Left, Identity and Globalizing Processes
The Language and Materials of Music Third Edition
The Politics of Earthquake Prediction
The Discipline of Subjectivity: An Essay on Montaigne
Wu Wenying and the Art of Southern Song Ci Poetry
Racial Cleansing in Arkansas, 1883-1924: Politics, Land, Labor, and Criminality
NEW MyLab Arts with Pearson eText - Standalone Access Card - for A Short Course in Photography: Digital
Parents of Children with Autism: An Ethnography
The Letters of Samuel Johnson, Volume V: Appendices and Comprehensive Index
Business Professional Ethics
The Fate of Meaning: Charles Peirce, Structuralism, and Literature
Wall to Wall Speaks
Psychopathology and Psychotherapy: DSM-5 Diagnosis, Case Conceptualization, and Treatment
The Geometry and Dynamics of Magnetic Monopoles
Blindness and Autobiography: Al-Ayyam of Taha Husayn
Self-Imitation in the Eighteenth-Century Novel
Language-Paradox-Poetics: A Chinese Perspective
New Appoaches in the Process Industries: The Manufacturing Plant of the Future
The 1002nd Night
Aeschylus: The Suppliants
Cervantes and Ariosto: Renewing Fiction
History: Politics or Culture? Reflections on Ranke and Burckhardt
The Moral Proverbs of Santob de Carrion: Jewish Wisdom in Christian Spain
Making Multicandidate Elections More Democratic
Holy Delight: Typology, Numerology, and Autobiography in Donnes Devotions upon Emergent Occasions
What Older Americans Think: Interest Groups and Aging Policy
A Specter is Haunting Europe: A Sociohistorical Approach to the Fantastic
Poetics of Reading
Worlds Within Worlds: The Novels of Ivan Turgenev
Montale, Debussy, and Modernism
River Writing: An Eno Journal

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